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Workshop at the Joint Research Centre

Seville – 22nd February 2018

The ESPON ERTF project (Prof. R. Capello POLIMI, O. Biosca MCRIT) met with the Joint Research Centre in Seville to discuss collaboration possibilities between the JRC and the ERTF project in modelling prospective territorial scenarios for Europe. The workshop served to explore the modelling capabilities of the Rhomolo and Luisa models developed by JRC and of the MASST model developed by POLIMI -Politécnico di Milano. Today, the Rhomolo model is mostly used for assessing impacts of European Policies at regional level; the Luisa model is used for regionalising existing long-term European projections available only at Member State level (eg. ECFIN’s Ageing Report projections); the MASST model is mostly used for elaborating mid-term European economic scenarios (10 to 20 years horizon). Complementarities between models were explored to identify areas of potential collaboration between ESPON ERTF  and the JRC  Both agree to keep a close cooperation in the modelling effort in the comming months. ESPON ERTF modelling team wishes to align input data and assumptions to those being also developed by JRC, and jointly discussed results.