2nd Strategic Advisory Forum

Brussels – 12th June 2018

In the first meeting of the Strategic Advisory Forum, three key challenges that the EU faces were discussed and agreed. However, these challenges do not stand alone, but are influenced by current and future trends. The identification of the most relevant trends for the development of the Territorial Agenda post 2020 is the task of the second meeting. The selection of the most relevant trends will be done by looking at the combination of trends for which there is a need for action, and those trends which are most territorially relevant. This selection will be linked to the key challenges identified in the first discussion paper (meeting of the Strategic Advisory Forum) and territorial policy objectives.

This first collection of trends aims to stimulate discussion and, where possible, broad agreement concerning selection of trends deemed to be important and relevant from a territorial perspective. This will be a key task for the second Strategic Advisory Forum meeting. The Annexes (see below) provides more extensive detail of these trends and a ‘starting point’ to consider these in a broader context. They are intended to support and inspire the discussions of this 2nd meeting of the Strategic Advisory Forum, in the process of selecting those trends deemed to be most territorially relevant and in need of action in future debates.


Discussion Paper No.2 – Trends (final version 20/07/18) [1,6 MB]

Annex 1 – European Roadmaps [843 kB]

Annex 2 – Baseline Table Indicators [287 kB]

PPT – Short introduction to key trends and insights [3,6 MB]

PPT – Territorial dimension of MFF and legal regulations proposed by European Commission for 2021-2027 [335kB]

PPT – Quantitative evidence of post-crisis structural macroeconomic changes [791 kB]