3rd Strategic Advisory Forum

Brussels – 02nd October 2018

In the third meeting of the Strategic Advisory Forum (SAF3), scenarios based on the paramount concept of overcoming “territorial challenges” studied in SAF1 were presented and discussed. Scenarios are designed as policy-scenarios or strategic options. In the 2020-2030 alternative options were “Muddling Through” (a most likely scenario based on existing trends) and “Successful Cooperation” (based on promoting enhanced cooperation across European governments at all scales). For 2030-2050, “Successful Cooperation” may move towards either “Global Europe” or “Local Renaissance” scenarios when deep reforms on European political geography are feasible and governments move from cooperation to synergy.  By applying MASST4 model, growth and disparities across regions where assessed in the 2020-2035 period taking as a reference scenario a most likely evolution based on “Muddling Through”.


Discussion Paper No.3 – Scenarios [3,47 MB]

Annex 1 – Seven Storylines for Possible Futures of the European Territory [987 kB]

PPT – Reference scenario [3,73 MB]

PPT – Challenges, Trends, Scenarios and Political insights for new TA [3,92 MB]