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Austrian Presidency`s Directors General Seminar

Vienna – 12th – 13th November 2018

Austrian Presidency`s Directors General Seminar “Setting the Course for the Future of Territorial and Urban Policies at European level”

The Seminar was embedded into the ongoing intergovernmental discourse on the post-2020 landscape of European territorial policies (Territorial Agenda) and urban development (Urban Agenda). The objectives of the seminar were

  • highlight the importance of soft policy approaches and mechanisms such as European and transnational implementation partnerships;
  • make visible key factors for successful territorial co-operation;
  • bridge territorial and urban discourses on territorial governance and to
  • bring in the knowledge, experience and perspectives of countries and institutions in-vited.

General Directors responsible for both dossiers were addressed as key policy makers and experts in territorial/urban development as well as in territorial governance. Interactive ex-change and discussion were encouraged by the seminar format. No formal decisions were taken at the Seminar. Results are supposed to inspire the further work on the revision of the Territorial Agenda and the implementation of the Urban Agenda.

DG Seminar AT-Presidency Summary Report [6.111 kB]

DG Seminar Keynote 1 Ulied, ESPON TRF Seminar Wien [9.294 kB]

DG Seminar Keynote 2 Rafaelsen Setting the course for the future of TP BERA [320 kB]

DG Seminar Keynote 3 Hiess 16to9 Future options and perspectives for the part 2020 [795 kB]

DG Seminar Keynote 4 Potjer 16to9 PPP to present [3.314 kB]