Directors – general for Territorial Cohesion Meeting

Bucharest – 07th May 2019

General outline of the meeting:

‐ decision on the scope of TAEU 2020+;
‐ discussion on:
‐ the content TAEU 2020+;
‐ implementation mechanism of TAEU 2020+;
(based on the results of the questionnaire/the inputs from ESPON projects ‐ European Territorial Reference Framework and COMPASS/ESPON policy brief on functional urban areas/the report on the role of FUA for territorial cohesion)
‐ first steps for potential pilot actions – establishing the conceptual framework;
‐ correlation between TAEU 2020+ and UAEU – establishing common themes/activities (provisions to be included in Bucharest Declaration);
‐ position of the Member States in relation to the proposed territorial cohesion regulations for the 2021‐2027 funding period.